Executive Board 2014-2015


Jessica Yoo

Year: 3rd
Major: History and Biology

columbus lab picAs a junior in high school, I became obsessed with parasites. Nasty, disease-transmitting, tropical ones, to be exact. I still remember the day when I learned how debilitating, blinding, and incapacitating conditions like lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), onchocerciasis, and schistosomiasis could be prevented for as little as 50 cents. Something inside of me snapped that day. I know one cannot place a value on a life- but the fact that a fifth of the global population suffers from the deformities and pain caused by the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), despite the fact that the cure is so cheap, simple, and effective- it simply broke my heart. Throughout the past three years, I have been heavily involved in global health advocacy groups and service trips to Honduras and Panama. There have been many highs and lows- sometimes I just want to give up , because there is a long-a-ways to go and I sometimes feel like not enough people care. But I know that’s not true- and I am thankful for organizations like GlobeMed, which remind me that there are others working towards the same end goal. That is why I cannot quit. If you have a passion for global health and believe in improving the quality of life for those that- through no fault of theirs- are living in disadvantaged areas with poor hygiene and living conditions- then we welcome you to our mission.

Brogan Jones

Year: 3rd
Major: Global Public Health

IMG_1217As college students in the United States, we are incredibly privileged. We have access to amazing resources and opportunities that allow us to become the best we can be. But we cannot forget that we are the rare few. There are millions living in poverty who fight each day just to survive, and millions more who continue to die of preventable and treatable diseases. I believe it is our responsibility to break out of our ‘bubble’ and help those who are less privileged. This is why I fell in love with GlobeMed.  It is an amazing network that provides the best opportunities for us to become global change makers. I have never met more passionate,, intelligent and caring people than those in the GlobeMed community. I am very excited for this year and I cannot wait to see each member grow and develop into tomorrow’s leaders for global health equity and social justice!

Co-Directors of Communications

Jennie Xie

Year: 3rd
Major: Studio Art

IMG_20140825_220218This is my first year being on the exec board and second year of being a GlobeMed member. This club has made me realize that it is possible to make a tangible difference in the world, even when you’re halfway across the globe. As a co-director of communications, my role is to create graphics that illustrate the causes of GlobeMed, UVa chapter. I will give it my all and I hope we will never lose sight of our vision.

Pinky Hossain

Year: 2nd703660_10152947941880657_256589708_o
Major: Global Public Health and Spanish

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of silver or gold.” – Gandhi

Director of Finances

Srujana Yadlapalli 


Year: 2nd
Major: Precomm/Statistics 

The service aspect of GlobeMed’s mission initially drew me in to the cause. Throughout high school, I have worked with in various charities and I wanted to be a part of something similar at UVA. The idea of a partner organization in another country really interested me, and after traveling to Cambodia over the summer and seeing for myself the impact we have made, I have only become more committed.

GlobalHealthU Coordinator

Steve Qian

Year: 4th
Major: Economics

steve moneyI believe health is a human right, one which transcends cultural, racial, and social boundaries. GlobeMed’s emphasis on partnership and its focus on a solid understanding of the different aspects of global health takes huge leaps in working towards global well-being. The value the organization places on diversity in both ideas and perspectives is what makes it truly unique. GlobeMed has and will continue to push the boundaries of my notions of what the world is and should be. As the GlobalHealthU Coordinator alongside Jen for the coming 2013-2014 year, I am excited to share what I have learned from my experiences and hopefully make you realize that every one of us can be the change we want to see.

Emily Huesgen

Year: 4th
Major: Global Development Studies/Global Public Health


“I fully believe in the mission and purpose of GlobeMed and it’s ability to create positive lasting change in Seam Reap Cambodia as well as in the local Charlottesville area. The increased awareness that GlobalHealthU creates about global health equity has the ability to attract serious attention to these important human rights issues. As a Global Development and Public Health major I have been able to learn more about these issues both at UVa and abroad and introduce these topics to GlobeMed and facilitate educated and thought-provoking conversations with others. Watching the change we have had in the lives of others has been inspiring and extremely rewarding.”


Campaign Directors

Om Evani

Year: 3rd
Major: Economics and Pre-med74853_1714764832750_4066534_n

After traveling around the world, I have seen firsthand the inequalities of health care and the tragic consequences that accompany them. Coming into UVa, I knew that I wanted get involved with a group that works to improve global health, but I did not realize how much of a positive difference one group of students could make on the welfare of an entire community. I wholeheartedly believe in GlobeMed’s mission, and I am excited to work this year to help achieve better health conditions within Siem Riep, Cambodia.

Jaesun Lee

Year: 2nd

GlobeMed believes in global health equity and that one basic human right is health. I 100% agree with GlobeMed’s mission. There are so many people currently living in poverty who die from preventable diseases and malnutrition. I value the idea of fairness and giving everybody the same chance to prosper. I also LOVE the concept of the GROW internship where students are able to physically go to the partner’s location to help make a change. I got a chance to go to Cambodia this past summer and engage with our partner, Build Your Future Today. This experience furthered my knowledge on how important the little things we do as GlobeMed at University of Virginia can impact thousands of people suffering in poverty in Cambodia.

Co-Directors of Community Building

Alexa Liedke 

Year: 2nd1654021_583779875044250_1625362241_n
Major: Middle Eastern Studies and Global Security and Justice

Morgan McCoy

Year: 4th10469455_10152407371286903_4935705341002581650_n