Global Giving Challenge


This project will provide daily nutrition to stop the cycle of malnutrition, maternal health classes to reduce rates of mortality, and community education training and support for 253 families in the villages of Sre Robong and Arak Svay, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

A detailed Ministry of Health study in 2008 shows almost half of the children below 5 years old in Cambodia suffer from malnutrition. 20% of childbearing-age women are underweight and 8% are so short they risk complications during pregnancy and delivery. Most children do not go to school because of their poor background, having to help their parents, taking care of siblings, or guarding the buffaloes or cows in the fields. Parents have a general disinterest to educate their children

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will improve the educational and health of the two villages by providing daily nutrition programs for the malnourished children alongside adult literacy and life skill training for poor communities, teachers and children. The various integrated development activities, as well as agricultural production, health education, and nutrition and education improvement are priorities.

Potential Long Term Impact

By the end of the 4 years, over 300 pre and school children and over 1000 community members at both communities in Arak svay and Sre Robong will benefit directly and 1000 community members of neighbouring villages will benefit indirectly from the projects. This will be achieved through school enrolments, and participation in integrated community health improvement and education activities.

Project Message

After the Pol Pot Regime destroyed Cambodian society and my family, I only wanted to help build a new community and to improve the quality of life for my fellow Cambodians. Thanks to GlobeMed at UVA.
– Sedtha Long, Project Leader

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