Celebrating International Women’s Day

Mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, aunt, teacher, politician, babysitter, actress, chef, nurse – the list can go on and on of all the roles a woman plays in our society today. Within a few years of gaining equal rights as men in society, women have shown their exceptional talents politically, economically, and socially. So much so, that March 8this designated as International Women’s Day to honor the accomplishments of women all around the world.

In the United States, for instance, women were 9% of total US medical school enrollment in 1969; this had increased to 20% in 1976. By 1985, women comprised 14% of practicing US physicians.

Since it’s first event held in 1911, International Women’s Day has grown in various countries to not only become an important holiday, but a national holiday. Events held worldwide use this day and the month of March to honor women’s achievements in the political, economical and cultural fields, as well as to advocate for gender equality. From the overall theme of “Empower Rural Women- End hunger and poverty” to the various 464 events held in over 70 countries, this year, this day was used to commemorate the kindness, thoughtfulness, and intelligence of women all around the world. This day has been established to remind all of us the importance women have on society and to acknowledge them not just this one day, but everyday. Despite the rising popularity of this day and its importance, in many countries women are still seen as inferiors and do not have the same rights as their male counterparts. Therefore this day is also used to encourage these women to fight for their rights and to surpass the sexual barriers some men have created on society. Although not everyone can make a huge difference or even have an impact on the workings of society in other countries, there are still many ways one can celebrate International Women’s Day.  From giving flowers to women you know, to standing on a bridge to support the “Join me on the Bridge” campaign, to tweeting about a woman who has inspired or encouraged you, to simply just looking back and acknowledging how far women have come since a 100 years ago when they did not even have the right to vote – everyone can participate in International Women’s Day. How will you celebrate it and the women in your life?

-Post by: Roshani Patel


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