Happy Thanksgiving from GlobeMed at UVA!

A Warm and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at GlobeMed at the University of Virginia!  Enjoy your time with family and friends. There will be a lot of food at every household, and there is no better time to take 5 minutes to think about those who are not as grateful.  Attempt to reduce your waste in leftovers, or even better find a creative use of the all that food! I am sure that there are programs in every community that can connect you with families who would love nothing more than to have a full meal on thanksgiving.  With just a little initiative, you can make a big impact on thanksgiving.

Be excited and expect regular updates on both our partner and efforts on campus as we get going on grounds!  The week after thanksgiving is the official launch of our first branding week, which will include multiple events promoting our organization on grounds.  With the beginning of thanksgiving and holiday season, we also launch our first ever individual giving campaign.  As we shop for family and friends, this is a great opportunity to give back with only a small amount donated.  A small 20-dollar donation at http://www.razoo.com/story/Globemedatuva will help feed four children in the village of Arak Syvak for one whole month.  We thank everyone who will be supporting us this holiday season!


Happy Thanksgiving from our partner:


Our Partner, BFT in Siem Reap, Cambodia, has projects in community education development, an orphanage center, community health development, and community peace development.  You can find our more about our partner at http://www.center-bft.org/.  Our partner’s story is a perfect story in the theme of being thankful for what we have.  During the years of 1975 through 1979 there was genocide in Cambodia that led to almost 20 percent of the population losing their lives.  Sedtha Long, founder of BFT, lost 10 members of his family of 14 and was forced to flee.  On his way to a border town, he found a group of 20 orphans whose parents had been killed.  To my amazement, a man who had already lost so much and had so little took on this group of children without hesitation.  He worked and struggled to keep the orphans fed, and he was eventually able to find a home for them in a United Nations camp.  From that moment he found a calling to help the orphans and underprivileged children of Cambodia.  He gained the support and trust of overseas partners that led to a multifold increase in the impact of the organization.  Over time he noticed that there was a need to target the parents of these children as well, so he grew the project.  There was and still is a cycle of malnutrition and low levels of education that Sedtha and his team fight to break everyday.  We hope to be a small part of his mission as the year progresses!


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