Executive Board 2013-2014


Farah Shah

Year: 4th
Major: Human Biology 

Health, education, social justice—these are a few things that we take for granted every day. Everyone should have access to these, but everyone doesn’t. I joined GlobeMed because I grew up seeing the disparities between these three integral things around the world, and I believe that impoverished and underdeveloped areas should not have to sacrifice any of these due to lack of access. I understand the importance of educating underprivileged communities and helping them become self-sustainable, which in turn can positively affect health equity and social equality, and I believe that being part of a national network like GlobeMed will help drive these goals.

Summer Nguyen

Year: 4th
Major: Biology 

summer“Life is but a dream.” I have been a part of GlobeMed for the past two years and through it, I found my best friends. It feels unreal how I journeyed to Cambodia and became family with the people there. Honestly, what would I do without GlobeMed?!

Co-Directors of Communications

Daenuka Muraleetharan

Year: 4th
Major: Biology 

DaeI believe that the beauty behind global health is that it transcends any and all physical and social boundaries. The idea of health becomes a human right that is well-deserved by anyone from an infant in a third world country, to a college student in the United States. Joining GlobeMed this past year has increased my awareness of health issues, constantly changed my outlooks on a range of topics, and given me the opportunity to meet some of the most passionate people I think I will ever meet. GlobeMed to me has been more than an opportunity, it’s been a beautiful journey.

Jessica Yoo

Year: 2nd
Major: History and Biology

columbus lab picAs a junior in high school, I became obsessed with parasites. Nasty, disease-transmitting, tropical ones, to be exact. I still remember the day when I learned how debilitating, blinding, and incapacitating conditions like lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), onchocerciasis, and schistosomiasis could be prevented for as little as 50 cents. Something inside of me snapped that day. I know one cannot place a value on a life- but the fact that a fifth of the global population suffers from the deformities and pain caused by the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), despite the fact that the cure is so cheap, simple, and effective- it simply broke my heart. Throughout the past three years, I have been heavily involved in global health advocacy groups and service trips to Honduras and Panama. There have been many highs and lows- sometimes I just want to give up , because there is a long-a-ways to go and I sometimes feel like not enough people care. But I know that’s not true- and I am thankful for organizations like GlobeMed, which remind me that there are others working towards the same end goal. That is why I cannot quit. If you have a passion for global health and believe in improving the quality of life for those that- through no fault of theirs- are living in disadvantaged areas with poor hygiene and living conditions- then we welcome you to our mission.

Director of Finances

Ibrahim Tora


Year: 4th
Major: Biochemistry and Economics   

Fun loving PreMed Student

GlobalHealthU Coordinator

Steve Qian

Year: 3rd
Major: Economics

steve moneyI believe health is a human right, one which transcends cultural, racial, and social boundaries. GlobeMed’s emphasis on partnership and its focus on a solid understanding of the different aspects of global health takes huge leaps in working towards global well-being. The value the organization places on diversity in both ideas and perspectives is what makes it truly unique. GlobeMed has and will continue to push the boundaries of my notions of what the world is and should be. As the GlobalHealthU Coordinator alongside Jen for the coming 2013-2014 year, I am excited to share what I have learned from my experiences and hopefully make you realize that every one of us can be the change we want to see.

Jen Mueller

Year: 4th
Major: Anthropology and Biology


This is my third year being an exec member of GlobeMed, so I’ve been lucky enough to really learn about the mission and work with our partner in Cambodia. As a rising 4th year, I plan to remain in the field of global health after graduation by attending graduate school to study epidemiology & women’s reproductive health.


Campaign Directors

Om Evani

Year: 2nd 
Major: Economics and Pre-med74853_1714764832750_4066534_n

After traveling around the world, I have seen firsthand the inequalities of health care and the tragic consequences that accompany them. Coming into UVa, I knew that I wanted get involved with a group that works to improve global health, but I did not realize how much of a positive difference one group of students could make on the welfare of an entire community. I wholeheartedly believe in GlobeMed’s mission, and I am excited to work this year to help achieve better health conditions within Siem Riep, Cambodia.

Natalie Orentlicher

Year: 3rd

I enjoy hiking, rock scrambles, gardening, and cooking with olive oil. I’ve personally been affected by a lack of healthnatcare for my family on a small scale, and gotten to witness the large scale in Siem Reap that involves so many different factors from water to roads to trash management. I believe that health is far more than seeing a doctor or being given a pill, and feel that too often this is ignored, leading us to go backwards as much as forwards.